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Your Second Visit to Our Dalton Practice

Report of Findings

This visit is called the Report of Findings.

report of findings with Dr. Joe

Report of Findings with Dr. Joe McAulliffe

This visit usually takes approximately 30 minutes and allows us to explain exactly what was found during your examination as well as make the best recommendations for you.


The recommendations are unique to you and based on the degree of decay or degeneration found in your spine as well as on any health challenges you may be experiencing. Your care plan will be laid out in advance and you will know exactly what you need to do and what you can expect from us when it comes to helping your spine become as strong, healthy, and well aligned as it can be. The type and frequency of adjustment you would receive as well as how long you would need to come would be told to you in advance.

Cost of Care

At this time we would also inform you of the cost for the projected services as well as what you can expect in insurance participation. There are no surprises and every effort is made to help you get the most out of your health care dollar and minimize your dependence on our services. There are a variety of payment plans available for those with little or no 3rd party reimbursement.

People often compliment us on both the thoroughness of our assessment and our explanation. There always seems to be a sense of relief when the care plan as well as the costs are laid out in advance. Many are surprised to find how affordable and accessible such quality health care can be.