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New Patients

ProActive Family Chiropractic is a bright, open space that’s relaxing and comfortable. Our patients love the upbeat music we play. You might see people chitchatting with each other and kids playing. With a friendly atmosphere, everyone in your family will enjoy their visits with us.

Day One

You can fill out your forms ahead of time by downloading them from our website. Otherwise, please arrive 5-10 minutes early to complete your paperwork. After, you’ll get an office tour, then go to the exam room to meet Dr. Joe. He’ll talk about your history and explain what we’re looking for today and why.

The forms of testing we’ll go through include

  • Posture analyzation
  • Bilateral weight scales
  • X-ray
  • Range of motion
  • Palpation
  • Thermography
  • Spinal electromyography

We use the INSiGHT™ Subluxation Station to perform thermography and spinal electromyography (sEMG), with each taking just a couple of minutes. Thermography involves a device that rolls up the spine, taking the temperature on each side to detect blood flow asymmetries around your spine. With sEMG, electrodes will gently touch each area of your spine to identify muscle tension, spasm and stress. This visit takes about 30 minutes.

Day Two

When you return, you’ll sit down with Dr. Joe to discuss your X-rays and testing. You’ll talk about the adjustment, what it will feel like and the techniques we think will be best for you. We’ll make sure you’re comfortable getting started before you get your chiropractic adjustment. If we need extra time to review your exam findings in a more in-depth manner, we’ll book another follow-up. Your second visit takes about 15-20 minutes.

Insurance Information

With today’s insurance policies, copayments tend to be extremely high, just like deductibles are. Insurance limits the quality and scope of the care we can provide. Since your out-of-pocket costs are equal to paying cash or may even be greater, we are out-of-network with insurances.

Contact Us Today

If you’re wondering whether chiropractic is right for you, we encourage you to go through the examination process. With our new patient offer, you’ll pay just $37 for a consultation, examination and a discussion of our findings.


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